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The Association carefully screens Home Watch companies to become accredited members.  Not all companies meet the requirements and high standards.  Each company goes

through the vetting process, references are checked, and a background check is performed and must be passed.  In addition, proper insurance policies must be in place, and all bonding must be verified.  Every year the NHWA checks to verify that the proper insurance and bonding are in place and that the associated Home Watch company continues to comply with and meet all ethical and business standards. This community of professionals has become a sounding board for advice and support for one another. The National Home Watch Association continues to be the "Gold Standard" in the industry.



Mission Statement

It is the mission and goal of the National Home Watch Association to establish and maintain the highest set of standards and ethics for all Home Watch companies in the United States of America and Canada;

To establish and maintain trust and confidence between homeowners and Home Watch professionals;

To protect the public from uninsured, unbonded, and unethical individuals who represent themselves as Home Watch professionals;

To promote public awareness of the Home Watch Industry;


To ensure that only companies who represent the highest levels of professionalism are accredited as members of the National Home Watch Association.

Setting the Gold Standard for the Home Watch Industry Since 2009
Reprinted with the permission of the National Home Watch Association.

NHWA Accreditation

Why Become Accredited?


Having had several issues with vacation and primary homes when I was not present (water leaks, mold, rodents) I began looking for a home watch company.  Then I found the National Home Watch Association Website.  The basic services were exactly what I needed and was looking for.  I decided that this type of enterprise is what I wanted to start as my next business.  As I conducted additional research, I learned that although I would be creating my own business, I could join this association and receive the extensive benefits that being part of a professional association brings.  I like that all members must pass a background check and abide by a stringent code of ethics to become accredited. 

Deep Creek Lake Home Watch then decided to go through the steps for accreditation.  Proper liability insurance along with a Dishonesty Bond is required for all members.  Associates must renew these coverages on a yearly basis.  Initial training is provided through the association and ongoing education occurs periodically.  Accreditation ensures that we can continue our dialogue with many experts in this industry.  We embrace the continuous improvement that comes with accreditation so that we can provide the best possible service to our clients.



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