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My name is R. W. Sawyer, and I am one of the owners of Deep Creek Lake Home Watch.  We offer a variety of services aimed at protecting your home in the Deep Creek Lake Maryland watershed.


I have lived in the Deep Creek Lake area since 2017.  I am a retired Federal civil servant who last acted as the Suspension and Debarment Official at the Department of Homeland Security – acting as an administrative law judge.  Previously, I served on active duty with the U.S. Air Force and retired in 2006 as a contracting officer with Defense Contracting Management Agency.  My last overseas tour was in Baghdad, Iraq in 2003-4. I was a Staff Auditor with the U.S. Air Force Audit Agency, stationed at the Pentagon.  I had two tours as a Missile Launch Officer, Combat Crew Commander-Titan II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) and I have over six years of combat duty.  I have held a Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS-SCI) clearance; one of the highest security clearances in the U.S. government.   I love landscaping and I collect fine art and antiques.  We own a Flying Scot and sail Deep Creek Lake when we can.  I golf and fly fish when I get the chance.  My wife Debby and I have eight grandkids and spend quality time with them here at the lake.  


I have owned homes in multiple locations at the same time and have experienced catastrophic losses from things like burst water pipes and faulty furnaces. I know how frustrating it is to suffer a loss at your home and not be able to take immediate action to secure the house.  I left vacant homes many times with the hope that nothing bad would happen while I was gone-only to be disappointed.  One of the main reasons I started this company was because I needed this service myself!


I have the background, experience, training, and knowledge that make Deep Creek Lake Home Watch stand out from other property watch companies.  Every property is unique, and we strive to deliver the custom services you need at your home.  Deep Creek Lake Home Watch wants to be your year-round Home Watch and Concierge service while you are away. 


Deep Creek Lake Home Watch provides home watch services for both the interior and exterior of your home as our primary mission.  We also provide keyholder services, facilitate contractor and vendor meetings, and provide other concierge services to our existing home watch customers. Deep Creek Lake Home Watch is insured, bonded, and accredited.  When looking for a company to watch you home while you are gone, you should verify that they are insured, bonded and accredited.  We are a veteran-owned small business, and all principals and employees are fully vetted and have passed a thorough background check.  You can trust us to treat your home as if it were our own.



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