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The Top 11 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Watch Company

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

If you’re new to hiring a Home Watch company for your primary or second home, you may wonder “What are the right questions to ask?” You want to ensure that the company meets both your needs and your expectations, and can provide high-quality services. And, since you’ll be trusting the company with the keys to your house, you’ll want know that they are professional. To help, here are the top 11 questions you should be asking when hiring a Home Watch company.

1. What services do you offer as part of your Home Watch package, and can you customize services?

A Home Watch company has a regular checklist of exterior and interior items that will be inspected on each visit. You will meet with your Home Watch professional prior to their first visit to go over your home, and the professional will make notes of anything else that needs to be checked. Your visit can be completely customized. Ask also if there are restrictions or limitations on the tasks they can perform or areas they can cover.

2. Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

It’s okay to ask a company to show you their credentials; a reputable company will have no issue in providing proof. Licensing requirements and legal obligations must be current, bonding provides financial protection for clients in case of theft of damage caused by the company’s employees, and insurance protects against accidents, liability and any unforeseen circumstances.

3. Are you a member of a Home Watch professional or trade association?

If the company is a member of the National Home Watch Association, it demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and adherence to stringent industry standards.

4. How frequently will you visit my home?

After meeting with you and getting to know both you and your home, your Home Watch professional will recommend a schedule of visits. It may be once a week, twice a week, or every other week, depending on the environment and your unique circumstances. Their visit schedule can also be customized to your needs and budget.

5. How will you communicate with us, the homeowners, about your visits?

After each visit, your Home Watch professional will provide you with a detailed checklist of tasks performed along with photographs, if necessary. If issues are discovered, you will be notified immediately as to the problem and offered the opportunity to have the Home Watch company take care of the issue using their trusted contractors or your own. Ask how these reports will be delivered: email, online portal, etc.

6. Do you conduct background checks on your employees and are they trained in security, maintenance and emergency procedures?

Your Home Watch company owner may check your home themself, or have employees who perform home checks and various services. For your security, employees should undergo a comprehensive background check including criminal history, employment verification and reference checks. Ask if the company provides training programs to equip their employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties effectively. Ask about any certifications or qualifications they may hold.

7. What is your procedure in case of emergencies, such as a water leak, power outage or security breach, and how quickly can you respond?

If an issue is discovered during a Home Watch visit, your professional should take immediate measures to 1) aid the situation, such as turning off the main water valve; 2) contact the appropriate emergency services if necessary, like fire or police; and 3) notify you immediately about the situation and offer services to help remedy it. Your Home Watch company should have a policy to address urgent situations during weekends, holidays and after hours as well.

8. How do you handle contractor referrals and coordination?

If repairs or maintenance is needed at your home, it’s helpful to know that your Home Watch company can assist in lining up and coordinating contractor visits.

9. What are your rates and payment terms, and are there additional fees?

When you engage your Home Watch professional, they will outline the services offered under their basic plan. Extra charges may be applicable for custom services. You will know the visit schedule and all fees, and payment terms prior to the first visit. Extra fees may be required if additional services are requested, such as an extra visit or a unique check. If an issue is discovered and you wish the Home Watch company to help remediate it, they will provide you with an estimate or costs for that service at that time.

10. Can you provide references from clients who have used your Home Watch services?

A reputable Home Watch professional will have no problem providing references who can offer insights to the company’s reputation, reliability and customer satisfaction. In some cases, however, security and privacy requirements may prevent a Home Watch company from revealing the names and contact information for their clients. They often work with high-wealth or highly-classified individuals and celebrities, and client security is a top priority. Inquire about their privacy policies.

11. How do you handle feedback?

Ask about the company’s process for addressing client concerns or complaints, and their policy to take appropriate action to resolve any issues that may arise.

Do You Have Questions to Ask When Hiring Your Home Watch Company?

As the owners of Deep Creek Lake Home Watch, we’re glad to answer any questions you have about Home Watch services for homeowners of primary or second homes in the Deep Creek Lake area of western Maryland. We’re homeowners there ourselves!

Contact Deep Creek Lake Home Watch

When you hire us to protect your home, you have available a wide range of resources including Home Watch, Car Watch, Concierge, Keyholder and Handyman services. Deep Creek Lake Home Watch is an accredited member of the National Home Watch Association, and is fully licensed, bonded and ensured. When you want to learn more about Home Watch for your home, or are ready to engage our services, contact us at 833-325-4923.

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